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Abilene Christian University    
2017-2018 Catalog 
  Jan 16, 2018
2017-2018 Catalog

Vocal Teacher Certification, BM (MTVA)

University Requirements

Please see the University Requirements  section of this catalog.

Major Requirements

Music Specialization Skills


Recital Seminar

  • Eight semesters, credit or non-credit Credit Hours: 0

Performance Ensemble

  • Each semester (except during Student Teaching), credit or non-credit Credit Hours: 0

Total: 27 Credit Hours

Vocal Concentration

Major Concentration (major lessons)

  • MPVM or MUPM (MUPM for pianists only) - Credit Hours: 14

Minor Concentration (non-major lessons)

  • MUPC and/or MUPN; or MPVN (for pianists only) - Credit Hours: 4


Total: 30 Credit Hours

Professional Requirements

Reading and Education

Total: 16 Credit Hours


Minimum - 0 Credit Hours

Total Major Hours: 73

Criteria for Admission to Teacher Education

In accordance with Texas state law, students must meet the admission criteria  described on.

Other Graduation Requirements

Pass the piano proficiency exam, sophomore proficiency exam, and present a senior recital.

Minimum grade in each required music course: C
Minimum GPA in major: 2.75
Minimum GPA for graduation: 2.75
Minimum advanced hours: 33
Minimum total hours: 129

Courses numbered 0** do not count in minimum hours required for degree.