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Abilene Christian University    
2017-2018 Catalog 
  Feb 20, 2018
2017-2018 Catalog

Information Technology, Application Development, BS (IT-ITAD)

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BS: Information Technology Degree Plan (IT)

Information Technology (BS)

Students pursuing the information technology degree are required to select and complete an 18-hour approved area of support as part of their academic program. This requirement can be satisfied by selecting an approved 6-course (18-hour) area of emphasis that complements information technology.

Some approved technical/vocational courses may be transferred from a technical school, junior college, or other two-year degree granting institution. A maximum of twelve semester hours (or four courses) may be transferred for lower-level credit. Up to twelve hours of lower-level credit may also be assigned on the basis of documented work experience, military training, and/or competency testing. The combination of transferred hours or assigned credit may not exceed twelve semester hours.

University Requirements

Please see the University Requirements  section of this catalog.

Major Requirements

Computer Science

Information Systems

Information, Technology, and Computing

Total: 30 Credit Hours

Application Development (ITAD)

Supplement for Major

Total: 3 Credit Hours

Support Area

An approved 6-course area of emphasis (excluding courses used to satisfy other degree requirements) - 18 Credit Hours


Minimum - 6 Credit Hours

Total Major Hours: 72

Other Graduation Requirements

Minimum grade of C in CS 115 , CS 116 ; IT 220 , IT 221 , IT 225 , IT 310 
Minimum GPA in major requirements: 2.00
Minimum GPA for graduation: 2.00
Minimum advanced hours: 33
Minimum total hours: 128

Courses numbered 0** do not count in minimum hours required for degree.

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