2020-2021 Catalog 
    Feb 25, 2021  
2020-2021 Catalog

ACU Board of Trustees and Administrators

Board of Trustees

Chair: April Anthony, Dallas

Vice Chairs: Steve Mack, San Antonio
Dr. J. William “Bill” Petty II, Woodway

Secretary: Slade Sullivan, J.D., ACU General Counsel

April Anthony, Dallas
Tod Brown, Midland
Arthur Culpepper, Santa Fe, NM
Ralph Draper, Houston
John “Mark” Duncum, Decatur
Cecil Eager, New Braunfels
Donny Edwards, Bridgeport
David A. Flow, Brentwood, TN
Dr. Jack Griggs, Abilene
Kyle Hammond, Midland
Jana Hanner, Baird
Belinda Harmon, Aledo
Jeff D. Knight, Bentonville, AR
Dr. Guy “Mojo” Lewis, Houston
Steve Mack, San Antonio
Dr. Edward “Wayne” Massey, Durham, NC
Bill Minick, Dallas
Elise Mitchell, Nashville, TN
Fernando Nasmyth, Atlanta, GA
Charles Onstead, Sugar Land
Randy Owen, Castle Rock, CO
Dr. Bill Petty, Woodway
Carole Phillips, Colleyville
Jim Porter, Abilene
Alan E. Rich, Boerne
Doug Robinson, Abilene
Marelyn Shedd, Abilene
Kay Skelton, Denison
Stan Stephens, Keller
Rick L. Wessel, Westlake
Mitch Wilburn, Broken Arrow, OK


The first date indicates initial employment at ACU.

Senior Leadership Team

Schubert, Phil, 1993, President; BBA, 1991; CPA, 1995; MBA, 2006; EdD, 2009.
Allmon, Suzanne, 1980-86, 1999, Senior Advisor to the President; BBA, 1979; MS, 1991.
Bonnin, LInda, 2020, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Strategic Communications, BA,1981.
Campbell, Kevin, 2001, Chief Enrollment Officer; BBA, 2000.
Hamm, Stephanie, 2008, Associate Professor of Social Work and Chief Diversity Officer; BSW, 1990; MSW, 1993; PhD, 2008.
Johnson, Stephen, 2001, Vice President and Chief Adminisrative Officer, ACU Dallas; BA, 1990; MS, 1994; MDiv, 1996; DMin, 2000; PhD, 2007.
Jones, Wendy, 1999, Chief HR Officer and Title IX Coordinator; BA, 1994.
Long, Tamara, 2003, Vice President for Enrollment; BS, 2003; MA, 2009; EdD, 2019.
Orr, Jim, 2014, Vice President for Advancement, BBA, 1986; JD, 1989.
Rhodes, Robert, 2012, Provost and Professor of Psychology; BS, 1990; PhD, 1994.
Ward, Allen, 2018, Director of Athletics; BBA, 1989; MEd, 1991.

Other Administrators

Brenham, Brad, 2015, President, ACU Foundation; BS, 2005; JD, 2008.
McCaleb, Gary, 1963, Vice President of the University; BA, 1964; MBA, 1974; PhD, 1979.
Money, Royce L., 1981, Chancellor; BA, 1964; MDiv, 1967; PhD, 1975; MS, 1982.
Reed, Carson, 2012, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Vice President for Church Relations, Executive Director of the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry and Frazer Chair for Church Enrichment; BA, 1980; MDiv, 1988; DMin, 1995.
Rich, Jack, 1991, Chief Investment Officer and President, ACIMCO; BBA, 1976; CPA, 1978; MBA, 1980; CFA, 2006.
Sullivan, Slade, 2000, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees; Adjunct, Education; BA, ACU, 1995; MA, 1997; JD, 2000.

Academic Affairs

Rhodes, Robert, 2012, Provost and Professor of Psychology; BS, 1990; PhD, 1994.

Cope, Joe L., 1989, Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Associate Vice President for Academics - Dallas, and Associate Professor of Conflict Management; BA, 1977; JD, 1986.

Crisp, Brad, 2006, Dean of the College of Business Administration and Associate Professor of Information Systems; BBA, 1993; MBA, 1998; PhD, 2003.

Cukrowski, Kenneth, 1999, Dean of the College of Biblical Studies and Associate Professor of New Testament, Graduate School of Theology; BA, 1984; MA, 1985; MDiv, 1987; STM, 1988; PhD, 1994

Gumm, Eric, 1997, Registrar and Director of First Year Program and Academic Development; Interim Director of General Education; BA, 1994; MS, 1997; EdD, 2006.

Lewis, Susan, 1998, Vice Provost and Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication; BS, 1992; MA, 1997; EdD, 2006.

Morris, Jason, 1996, Dean of the Honors College and Professor and Director of the MEd in Higher Education Program; BA, 1994; MS, 1996; EdD, 2002.

Riley, Chris, 2004, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Instructor of Political Science and Criminal Justice; BA, 2000; JD, 2003.

Shewmaker, Jennifer W., 2002, Dean of the College of Education and Human Services and Professor of Psychology; BS, 1992; PhD, 1996.

Smith, Jessica, 2013, Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment and Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, BS, 2002; MA, 2005; PhD, 2010.

Snider, Donnie, 2003, Assistant Provost for Graduate Programs and Associate Professor of Education; BS, 1974; MEd, 1978; EdD, 1997.

Straughn, Gregory, 2000, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Music; BA, 1994; MM, 1997; PhD, 2004.

Straughn, Marcia, 2012, Dean of the School of Nursing and Assistant Professor of Nursing; BM, 1993; BN, 1997; RN, 1997; MM, 2004; MN, 2012; PhD, 2017.

Wiser, James, 2020, Dean of Library Services and Educational Technology and Associate Professor of Library Science; BA, 2000; MLS, 2002; MBA, 2012.

Office of General Counsel

Sullivan, Slade, 2000, Vice President and General Counsel; BA, 1995; MA, 1997; JD, 2000.

Student Life

Bowman, Ryan, 2003, Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, BS, 2006; MSW, 2015.
Coupe, Cathryn (Caddie), 2013, Director of Student Activities and Organizations, BS 2007.
Eaton, Cyrus, 2018, Campus Chaplain & Director of Spiritual Formation; BS, 2009; MSA, 2011.
Fortson, Jill, 2005, Director of the Career Center; BS 1987; MS, 2015.
Kaczmarek, Shannon, 2008, Director of Residence Life, BS, 2007; MS, 2009; LPC-S, 2016.
Lewis, Mark, 1995, Dean of Students; BBS, 1988; MMFT, 1995.
Swedlund, Joel, 1993, Executive Director for the Student and Recreation Wellness Center; BS, 2002.
Tatum, Nick, 2010, Director of Student Productions BS 2013 MA 2015


Ballard, Chris, 2014, Sr. Associate AD for Administration; BS, 2008; MEd, 2013.

Beasley, Heath, 2020, Assistant AD for Annual Giving; BBA, 2016, MAcc, 2017.

Boone, Grant, 2014, Voice of the Wildcats; BA, 1991.

Brown, Becky, 2016, Director of Football and Event Operations; BS, 2016.

Carlyle, Zachary, 2016, Media Relations Coordinator; BS, 2015, MSA 2018.

Cook, Jerrod, 2006, Interim Head Track Coach; BS 2004.

Dorrel, Adam, 2016, Head Football Coach; BS, 1997.

Driskill, Cory, 2008-15, 2018, Assoc. Dir. of Athletics for Sports Performance; BS, 2003; MS, 2005.

Dunn, Marcus, 2017, GM for Wildcat IMG Sports Marketing; BA, 2006.

Farler, Abigail, 2019, Head Softball Coach; BS, 2007.

Farquhar, Hayden, 2019, Athletics Budget Analyst; BBA, 2019.

Golding, Joe, 2011, Head Men’s Basketball Coach; BS, 1999.

Goodenough, Julie, 2012, Head Women’s Basketball Coach; AA, 1989; BA, 1991; MEd, 1993.

Hardcstle, Susan, 2011, Executive Asst. to the Director of Athletics/Chief of Staff.

Harrell, Steve, 2019, Deputy AD for External Affairs; BS, 2005; JD, 2009.

Kelley, Cassandra, 2019, Media Relations Coordinator, BS, 2012; MSK, 2019.

Lancaster, Lucas, 2018, Director of Strength & Conditioning, BS, 2013; MSK, 2019.

Lasoya, Glenn, 2019, Media Relations Video Coordinator, BS 2012.

Long, Drew, 2016, Deputy AD for Internal Operations; AB, 2007; BS, 2009; MS, 2010.

Macaluso, Chris, 2011, Asstistant AD for Media Relations; BA, 1999.

Masci, Krista, 2017, Academic Coordinator; BS, 2015.

McAlister, Amy, 2013, Athletics Administrative Assistant; BA, 1989; MA 1991.

Mooney, Angela, 2017, Head Volleyball Coach; BS, 2004.

Nunez, Juan, 2019, Director of Men’s & Women’s Tennis, BS, 2010; MA 2013.

Shaw, Tom, 2014, Head Golf Coach; BS, 1991.

Shipp, Sarah, 2018, Academic Coordinator; BS, 2007; MS, 2013.

Sullivan, Melissa, 2019, Academics Coordinator; BS, 2017.

Ward, Allen, 2018, Director of Athletics; BA, 1989; MA 1991.

Wilson, Casey, 2004, Head Soccer Coach; BBA, 1999; MBA, 2002.

Wyatt, Heather, 2020, Director of Compliance; BS, 2014; MS, 2016.

Emeriti Administrators

The first dates indicate years of service.

Garrett, Dan, 1973-84, 1995, Vice Chancellor Emeritus and President Emeritus of the ACU Foundation; BS, 1973.
Hunter, Robert D., 1956-93, Vice President Emeritus; BS, 1952; MBA, 1976; LLD, 1974; LDH, 1979; LitD, 1983.
Lytle, Richard S., 1991-17, Professor of Management Sciences and Dean Emeritus of the College of Business Administration; BBA, Harding University, 1980; MBA, Oklahoma State University, 1983; PhD, Arizona State University, 1994.
Mattis, Charles, 1995-12, Dean Emeritus and Associate Professor of Biology; BS, ACU 1981; DDS, University of Texas, 1985.
Milholland, Tom, 1979-18, Professor Emeritus of Marriage and Family Studies, Assistant Provost Emeritus for Institutional Effectiveness, and SACS Liaison; BS, Oklahoma Christian University, 1966; MS, East Texas State University, 1972; PhD, Texas Tech University, 1979.
Presley, Ted W., Jr., 1985-04, Executive Director Emeritus of the Center for International and Intercultural Education; BSE, 1968; EdM, 1971; MA, 1978.
Reese, Jack R., 1988, Professor of Ministry, Graduate School of Theology; BA, ACU, 1973; MA, University of Oklahoma, 1976; MA, ACU, 1978; PhD, University of Iowa, 1988.