2019-2020 Catalog with Addendum 
    Mar 30, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalog with Addendum

Catalog Changes Since Initial Publication

Addendum to the 2019-2020 Catalog
January 30, 2020

New Programs

Other Changes

New Programs

Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies

Sarah Lee, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Program Director
16633 Dallas Parkway Suite 800
Addison, TX 75001

Phone: 214-305-9449
Email: Sarah.Lee@ACU.edu


Sarah Lee, Associate Professor


Students in the Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies program will have the flexibility to focus their studies on two fields and complete one culminating course that focuses on the articulation of social responsibility and their vocational priorities. The goal of the program is to provide students with a broad education that encourages an interdisciplinary approach to practical and professional problems and contribute to society in unique ways. This is accomplished by preparing students to: 

  • Demonstrate the development of knowledge in two academic disciplines and have the ability to transfer knowledge among situations. 
  • Effectively communicate within a variety of contexts.  
  • Demonstrate the development of a sense of self that integrates personal strengths with vocational and social priorities.
Admission Requirements

Abilene Christian University’s Online Baccalaureate programs are intended for non-traditional students interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree online. Students may enroll four years after completing high school. Students who have earned a GED must be at least 22 years of age. Exceptions to these requirements may be made for transfer students matriculating from an institution with an articulation agreement with ACU.

Degree Plan

Click here to see the degree plan for Integrated Studies, BS (INTG) .

Other Changes

Policy Revision - Hours Required for Undergraduate Degrees

The first item listed in the General Requriements for Bachelor’s Degrees in the Degree Requirements section of the Undergraduate Academic Information  has been revised to read as follows:

  1. The faculty of each ACU campus determine the minimum number of semester hours required to earn an ACU Bachelor’s degree for their respective campus. The main campus (Abilene) faculty require a minimum of 128 semester hours applicable to that degree. The Dallas campus faculty require a minimum of 120 semester hours applicable to that degree. Teacher certification and certain other degrees may require more. (See specific degree requirements.)

Program Revision - Admission Requirements to the MBA

The admission requirements for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program within the School of Professional Studies  have been changed to the following:

MBA Admission Requirements
  • Application for admission with a nonrefundable processing fee.
  • An official transcript(s) in English (or translated to English) of all previous colleges attended. The transcript must indicate an earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college, university, or equivalent.
  • Minimum 3.0 undergraduate or graduate GPA for standard admission. Applicants with a 2.5 - 2.9 GPA and 2+ years of work experience can be reviewed for probationary admission.
  • Résumé and letter of intent required; letters of recommendation may be requested by the Program Director.
  • Course prerequisites for admission to the program include basic accounting, economics, and statistics.
  • Acknowledgement regarding the Christian identity of the university/program.
  • At least 2 years of demonstrated full-time responsibility in professional or entrepreneurial positions, OR a satisfactory GMAT score (50th percentile or better). Acceptable (equivalent) GRE score (50th percentile or better) may be substituted for the GMAT with the approval of the Program Director.
  • Program Director may waive GMAT or professional work requirement for ACU students who have above a 3.0 GPA.