2019-2020 Catalog with Addendum II 
    Dec 08, 2021  
2019-2020 Catalog with Addendum II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Biblical Studies

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Ken Cukrowski, Dean
Christopher Hutson, Associate Dean
ACU Box 29400
Abilene, Texas 79699-9400
Biblical Studies Building, Room 202

Phone: 325-674-3700
Fax: 325-674-3776
Email: cukrowskik@acu.edu or crhutson@acu.edu
Web: http://www.acu.edu/community/cbs.html

The College of Biblical Studies exists for the purpose of educating students for Christian leadership throughout the world. From this central purpose of training Christian leaders, two emphases emerge: (1) training ministers of the Gospel of Christ and (2) training students who will become active leaders and servants in the Lord’s Kingdom.

The study of the Bible as God’s Word is at the heart of the curriculum of Abilene Christian University and is the reason for the existence of the university. Further, the university recognizes spiritually healthy families as basic building blocks of a spiritually healthy society. An education without a knowledge of the spiritual dimension is sadly lacking, but the information and strength derived from the Word of God can furnish the world view, meaning, and purpose so necessary to the happy and useful life of an individual, a family, and a society.

Department of Bible, Missions and Ministry

The Department of Bible, Missions and Ministry provides instruction and knowledge of the Bible and related studies to help students become intellectually and practically grounded in the Christian faith. It also provides an environment in which the student’s faith can be a personal experience to be lived and shared.

Specifically, the Department of Bible, Missions and Ministry seeks:

  • To deepen faith in God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit;
  • To specially prepare students to evangelize our complex, changing world;
  • To instill in every student a deep commitment to the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and to the church of our Lord;
  • To furnish basic training for sound biblical interpretation;
  • To inspire students to develop a life-long practice of Bible study;
  • To convey an understanding of the history of Christianity and its contemporary expressions;
  • To explore the nature of religion and the contemporary world and to understand how Christianity relates to them;
  • To teach students to think deeply and to formulate for themselves an integrated and well-grounded Christian world view with clearly defined goals, purposes and assumptions;
  • To enhance students’ lifelong process of being formed into the image of Christ.

Most of the faculty have at one time served in the local ministry or the foreign missions of a church. Several serve as elders, deacons, and ministers of local congregations. Many have published books and articles, served as editors of professional journals, and been involved in many other types of publishing. Some are internationally known in scholarly circles, having read papers or conducted workshops at professional meetings.

Graduate Programs

The College of Biblical Studies offers nationally-recognized graduate programs in the Graduate School of Theology and in the Department of Marriage and Family Studies, including several master’s degrees and the Doctor of Ministry. The faculty make a significant contribution to the academic and spiritual growth and development of the students.

Preacher Training School Applicants

The Department of Bible, Missions and Ministry assists graduates from schools of preaching and Bible training schools to complete the requirements toward a bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry at ACU.

Although it is not possible within the university’s academic structure to accept courses transferred from schools not accredited by the regional college and university accrediting agencies, ACU’s College of Biblical Studies has a plan to help prospective students make this transition in a manner that satisfies accrediting agency requirements.

The school from which the student graduates must be approved by the dean and Academic Council of the College of Biblical Studies, who will verify that it has met certain sound academic standards. Approved schools must conduct an academic program covering at least two years of full-time study under faculty with proper academic credentials. There is no guarantee that a student will receive any transfer credit from a school of preaching or Bible school. A student applying for transfer credit should submit to the Associate Dean of the College of Biblical Studies copies of course syllabi for all proposed transfer courses. A course syllabus should show the learning objectives of the course, the lecture contents, and all required reading, writing and other assignments, along with the date when the course was completed and the name of the instructor.

The student applying for entrance to ACU from such an approved school of preaching or Bible training school will be placed on probation for one semester as a full time student. During the probationary semester the student must achieve a GPA of 2.50 or above. The student who achieves the required GPA may then be awarded up to 45 hours of college credit for his or her work at a school of preaching or Bible training school.

The possible 45 hours awarded to the student are as follows:

  1. Lower level Bible - up to a maximum of 12 hours
  2. Advanced Bible - up to a maximum of 33 hours

The student receiving credit from a school of preaching or Bible school is subject to the degree requirements list in the General Requirements for Bachelor’s Degrees of this catalog as well as the requirements for the chosen major.

College of Biblical Studies Requirements

Four-year graduates of the university from all the departments must take five courses in Bible (15 hours), including at least three courses (9 hours) in study of the text itself. Bible hours required of transfer students in the university requirements can be found in the Transfer Information  section of this catalog.

The following policies apply to all students working toward a degree in the Department of Bible, Missions or Ministry:

  1. Admission Requirements. Before being admitted to a program, a student must satisfy the requirements listed in the University Admission section of this catalog.
  2. Transfer Credit. To receive credit for transfer work, see the requirements listed in the Transfer Information section of this catalog.
  3. Grades. A student must have a grade of “C” or better in each lower-level Bible/Missions course (BIBL 101 , BIBL 102 , BIBL 211 , and BGRK 221 -BGRK 222 ), an overall GPA of at least 2.25.
  4. Graduation Requirements. A summer internship and a battery of assessments known as Readiness for Ministry Testing.
  5. Electives. Courses numbered 0** do not count as electives or toward graduation. Electives may include deficiency requirements in science.


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