2020-2021 Catalog with Addendum 
    Jun 09, 2023  
2020-2021 Catalog with Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History and Global Studies

Kelly Elliott, Chair
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Mark Cullum, Associate Professor
Kelly Elliott, Associate Professor
Ronald Morgan, Professor
Tracy Shilcutt, Professor
Allan Yarema, Associate Professor

The Department of History and Global Studies offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Global Studies and the Bachelor of Science degree in History (One-Field Teacher Certification Grades 7-12), and Social Studies for Teachers (Grades 7-12). A minor in History, Global Studies, European Cultural Studies, Latin American Studies, or Gender and Multicultural Studies may be added to other majors.


History and Global Studies are versatile areas of study, providing windows into the experience of humankind from era to era and across many different cultures. Examining our past—from language and the arts to science and technology—gives us context to understand current events and how we might plan for the future. At ACU our faculty invite their students to critically engage with the world, to forge new research paths and present their findings at academic conferences, and to consider the ways in which the narration and commemoration of the past shapes memory and community in the present.

Internship and Career Opportunities

History: All history students complete an internship in the field through a faculty-guided course, working with such host institutions as presidential libraries, archives, and local and national museums. Recent graduates have interned at the Smithsonian Institution, Milliken Special Collection, the Grace Museum, and the state parks service. 

The research, writing, and critical-thinking skills students gain while earning a history degree equip students for a wide range of careers, even wider than one might imagine.The skills developed through the study of history prepare graduates for career opportunities in:

  • Museums
  • Secondary and Higher Education
  • International Development and Aid Organizations
  • Government
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Archives
  • Historic Preservation
  • Archaeology and Anthropology
  • State and National Parks

History Teaching and Social Studies Teaching: Students who choose these majors frequently refer to their career path as a calling or vocation. In these degrees, students pair their desire to make the world a better place through connecting with and shaping young people with rigorous training–in the fields they will teach, and in pedagogy, curricular design, and the professional knowledge and skills of educators in secondary schools. Students will leave ACU fully equipped to achieve their Texas state certification to teach 7th through 12th grade history or social studies in public or private schools. The vocation of social studies or history teaching is a noble calling: to help young people learn to interpret their world, understand their own place in it, and take their place as well-informed, active citizens.

The Department of History & Global Studies offers two teaching degrees, preparing students to teach grades 7-12 in Texas public or private schools. The Social Studies for Teachers degree (HSST)  prepares students to teach world history, U.S. history, Texas history, government, geography, economics, sociology, and psychology. One-Field History (HSTT)  prepares students to teach world, U. S. history and Texas history. Students in both degrees complete at least one semester of student teaching in Texas secondary schools. Most of our HSST and HSTT graduates go on to teach in public or private middle or high schools. Some pursue further degrees in higher education and eventually work in education policy, curriculum design, retention programs, college prep programs, and the like.

Global Studies: Intercultural skills and a global worldview are increasingly highly valued in today’s job market. The breadth of study in the Global Studies program – with courses in political science, economics, history, culture studies, language, and environmental studies – equips students with knowledge and skills that are essential for responsible citizenship, service, and productive work in the global community. Global Studies students often intern with such organizations as World Wide Witness, the International Rescue Committee, and Heifer Project. Many of these students go on to obtain graduate degrees or law degrees in programs in Europe, the United Kingdom, and stateside. An interdisciplinary degree in Global Studies provides significant flexibility when it comes to choosing a career, with pathways in:

  • International business and politics
  • Economic development and international aid
  • National security
  • Refugee and migration issues
  • Christian missions
  • International education
  • International law
  • Environmental policy
  • Energy policy

Study Abroad Opportunities

All students are encouraged to participate in ACU’s Study Abroad programs in Oxford, Montevideo, or Leipzig. Classes offered at Study Abroad sites vary depending on the site. Academic advisors can assist students in planning ahead for their Study Abroad experience and should be consulted during the freshman year.


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