2022-2023 Catalog With Addendum 
    May 21, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog With Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agribusiness, BS (AGRB)

The BS in agribusiness combines training in agricultural economics, business and technical agriculture. Majors in this area are prepared for business allied with agriculture, including banks and other lending agencies, real estate, insurance companies, farm supply and equipment companies, firms processing and marketing agricultural products, and public agencies associated with agriculture. Students are also prepared to pursue graduate education.

University Requirements

Please see the University Requirements  section of this catalog.

Major Requirements

Total: 12 Credit Hours

Experiential Learning

Students are required to complete an experiential learning component.

Choose one option from the list below:

Total: 3 Credit Hours


Total: 18 Credit Hours

Advanced selections

Advanced selections from: AENV, ANSC, or ENVR Credit Hours: 12

Total: 45 Credit Hours

Supplement for Major



Science Core

Social Science

Choose 3 hours from the following:

Total: 22 Credit Hours


Minimum - 5 Credit Hours

Total Major Hours: 72

Other Graduation Requirements

Minimum GPA for graduation: 2.00
Minimum advanced hours: 33
Minimum total hours: 128

Courses numbered 0** do not count in minimum hours required for degree.