2018-2019 Catalog 
    Jul 21, 2024  
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Film Minor (FILM)

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The film minor provides students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of film that connects skills in analysis with creative and technical production. The minor helps students gain an understanding of the artistic and cultural contexts of film in relation to hands-on experience with the tools of filmmaking to encourage learning by doing.

CCCU courses from the LA Film Studies Center may be used to fulfill up to 9 hours of the film minor requirements.

Minor: Film (FILM)

Writing for Film Electives

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Film Production Electives

Individual departments occasionally offer advanced film production courses working directly with industry leaders. When courses like DET 230  satisfy the intention of the Film Production Electives, they may be substituted with permission.

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Advanced Film Electives

When special topics courses in a department-ENGL 446 /ENGL 447 /ENGL 449  -blend film with drama or fiction from a given period, or when courses teach world film in a foreign language-FREN 340/GER 340/SPAN 340-and those courses offer a clear focus on film form and history, they can be approved as an advanced film elective. Special permission required.

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Total: 18 Credit Hours

Note: The department may waive prerequisites or accept transfer credit for some courses within this minor.

Film minors may take any required JMC classes without meeting the prerequisite of JMC 100 - Media Issues . Junior standing is required to take JMC courses at 300 level or above. Instructor approval required for JMC 361 - Advanced Video Production  and JMC 465 - Documentary Storytelling  if students do not meet JMC 261 - Broadcast Production  prerequisite.

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