2018-2019 Catalog 
    May 19, 2024  
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts, MLA (GELF)

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Requirements for the MLA are:

  1. This interdisciplinary degree requires studies in various disciplines with the courses and areas being related by the student’s intellectual curiosity and needs.
  2. The student must demonstrate appropriate research competencies to the satisfaction of the supervisory committee, the MLA advisor and the dean. Specific courses may be required to build research competencies.
  3. At least 36 hours meeting the general graduate program requirements (including at least 50 percent at the 600 level or above) and the following guidelines:
    1. Two academic divisions: the program must include courses from at least two academic divisions of the university.
    2. Cluster of courses: 18 hours must reflect a cluster of courses related by theme or topic. The student has considerable freedom in defining a cluster theme or topic.
  4. Single discipline: a maximum of 18 hours may be applied from a single discipline. Additional hours within a discipline may be taken as electives over and above the 36 hours required for the degree.
  5. Other areas of interest: 12-15 hours may be related to any of the student’s other interests.
  6. Synthesis project: a 3-6 hour project related to the cluster area will culminate the degree program. Guided by the supervisory committee, this project will demonstrate the student’s ability to develop ideas and use analytical skills at the master’s level.
  7. Comprehensive examination: The student will successfully complete a written and/or oral comprehensive examination extending the synthesis project and relating the course work under the direction of the supervisory committee. Unsatisfactory performance may require additional course work before another examination may be attempted.

Degree Process

In order to complete a degree, the student with the assistance of the MLA advisor, faculty appointee or the dean must:

  1. Select the areas of emphasis, including selecting possible courses to fulfill interests.
  2. Set up a supervisory committee.
    1. Based on areas of interest.
    2. Must be selected by the completion of 12 hours of enrollment.
  3. Design a degree plan.
    1. Refine preliminary interests.
    2. Consult the supervisory committee.
    3. Decide on a tentative type of project to determine total project credits.
  4. Have degree plan approved by the committee and the dean.
  5. Take courses to fulfill approved degree plan.
    1. Modify degree plan, if necessary.
    2. Work closely with the supervisory committee.
  6. Complete project.
  7. Defend the curriculum chosen and the project that ties it together in the comprehensive examination.
  8. Complete the steps for graduation as outlined by the graduate program requirements.

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