2019-2020 Catalog with Addendum II 
    Jan 23, 2022  
2019-2020 Catalog with Addendum II [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

European Cultural Studies Minor (ECS)

This interdisciplinary minor allows students to concentrate coursework around the culture and institutions of Europe. This may be of special interest to students who study abroad in England, Germany, or elsewhere in Europe, but it is available to any ACU student. The minor does not have mandatory language requirements in order to accommodate students pursuing BBA or BS degrees.

The minor must include a minimum of 6 hours of advanced coursework (numbered 300-499). It must also include courses from at least three disciplinary prefixes, and no more than 9 credit hours in a single discipline.

Minor: European Cultural Studies (ECS)

Total: 6 Credit Hours

Total: 6 Credit Hours

European Studies (General)

Select two courses from among the following.

Total: 6 Credit Hours

Total: 18 Credit Hours