2020-2021 Catalog with Addendum 
    Aug 11, 2022  
2020-2021 Catalog with Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

High School Teacher Certification - Life Science, BS (BIOT-BIOT)

BS: High School Teacher Certification

University Requirements

Please see the University Requirements  section of this catalog.

Major Requirements


Choose 4 hours not previously taken from:

  • BIOA or BIOL 300-499.

Total: 33 Credit Hours

Supplement for Major

Biology Teaching Life Sciences - Grades 7-12

Total: 5 Credit Hours

Choose 1 of the following courses:

Total: 21-24 Credit Hours


Minimum - 10-13 Credit Hours

Total Major Hours: 72

Criteria for Admission to Teacher Education

In accordance with Texas state law, students must meet the admission criteria .

Other Graduation Requirements

Minimum grade for majors courses: C
Minimum GPA for graduation: 2.75
Minimum advanced hours: 33
Minimum total hours: 128

Courses numbered 0** do not count in minimum hours required for degree.