2020-2021 Catalog with Addendum 
    Oct 26, 2021  
2020-2021 Catalog with Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctor of Ministry, Preaching for Community Transformation, DMin (BIBM-PCT)

Carson E. Reed, Director and Advisor
ACU Box 29405, Abilene, Texas 79699-9405
Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building, Room 299

Phone: 325-674-3732 or 888-242-5360
Email: carson.reed@acu.edu
Web: www.acu.edu/dmin

DMIN: Doctor of Ministry

Prerequisite Degree Requirements

This program requires a Master of Divinity degree or its educational equivalent from a regionally accredited institution. Students holding an accredited master’s degree in religion, other than the Master of Divinity, will be required to complete graduate courses equivalent to the standard requirements of the MDiv degree at ACU.

Major Requirements

Total: 6 Credit Hours

Method and Project/Thesis

Total: 9 Credit Hours

Preaching for Community Transformation (PCT)

Total: 18 Credit Hours

Total Major Hours: 33

Other Graduation Requirements

Two spiritual formation retreats.